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  • Autoklavas sterilizacijai "Autester ST DRY PV IIl 25" Autoklavas sterilizacijai

Autoklavas sterilizacijai "Autester ST DRY PV IIl 25"

Autoclave for solid and liquids sterilization.

Complete selection of programs. Displays in English, Spanish and French.

Capacity: 25 liters, Ø/Depth (usables); 30 / 35 cm.

Space for 12 bottles of 250 ml, 9 of 500 ml, 3 of 1000 ml and 2 of 2000 ml.

Conforms to the regulation - 97/23/CEE equipment under pressure.


  • Sterilization chamber and lid made from AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • External case epoxy coated.
  • Digital control of all autoclave operations.
  • Large back lit LCD 2 x 24 character display.
  • Air filter, purifies air before entering in the sterilization chamber.
  • Separate clean water reservoir and waste water.
  • RS-232 Interface output of parameters to a computer or for printer.
  • USB output for PEN-DRIVE data logging and Computer connection.


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