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  • Autoklavas sterilizacijai Autester "ST DRY PV IIl" 18, B klasės Autoklavas sterilizacijai Autester

Autoklavas sterilizacijai Autester "ST DRY PV IIl" 18, B klasės

 Automatic vacuum dry and purge. 

Programs to 121 °C and 134 °C (1 and 2 bar). 

Model horizontal. 


  • "Class B" autoclaves are used within the field of general medicine, dentistry, veterinary, tattoo parlours and sterilization applications in general, to sterilize any material that could have been in contact with body fluids including blood.
  • The general capabilities of the instrument are regulated by EN 13060 that guarantees the differing sterilization applications.
  • The normal processes include: Solids with and without wrapping, porous material with and without wrapping and utensils that have cavities and holes (e.g. dentistry materials.)
  • To guarantee sterilization of these materials the “AUTESTER ST DRY PV” Class B, autoclaves, have an efficient staged vacuum, that performs a complete extraction of air that allows penetration of the steam vapour....
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