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  • Recirkuliacinis termostatas “Ultraterm-TFT-200” Recirkuliacinis termostatas “Ultraterm-TFT-200”

Recirkuliacinis termostatas “Ultraterm-TFT-200”

Adjustable temperatures from ambient +5°C to 200°C. With external refrigeration from -20°C to 200°C.

Stability: to 100°C ±0.05, stability to 200°C ±0.1.

Pump pressure / flowrate water : 150 mbar / 12 l/min.


  • Standard DIN 12876.
  • Safety over temperature .
  • Thermostat with adjustable manual reset.
  • Low liquid level sensor protection.


  • Temperature probe Pt 100.
  • Heating element made of stainless steel INCOLOY resistant to high temperatures and corrosive environments.
  • Circulation Pump for internal or external temperature control for: (Polarimeters, refractometers and viscometers, etc).
  • Cooling coil to maintain ambient temperatures using tap water.
  • External temperature control connection using a Pt 100 probe.
  • External metal case coated in a corrosive resistant epoxy.
  • All parts in contact with liquid are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.


  • Safety over temperature thermostat.
  • Liquid level float.
  • Cooling coil.
  • Heating element made of stainless steel INCOLOY that can withstand high temperatures and is corrosion resistant.
  • Refrigeration coil connections.
  • Pt 100 temperature probe.
  • Circulation pump.
  • Pump outlet for external circulation.
  • Circulating pump outlet.

Specific functions of models with touch screen:

  • Acoustic and visual alarm.
  • Clock and calendar.
  • Single or cyclic On / Off programming.
  • Up to 10 work programs.
  • Up to 6 segments per program.
  • Stability time in each segment (from 1 min to 99h ).
  • Power control program (between 10% and 100%).
  • Alarms and events storage.
  • Probe error detection.
  • Self Diagnostics.
  • Network failure detection and saving.
  • Over temperature and low temperature alarms and memorization (date, start time, end time and temperature).
  • Safety thermostat (TS) by software.
  • Mechanic safety thermostat (TS ).
  • USB and RS -232 output.
  • PC software.
  • User manual on screen .
  • Configurable parameters: Date / time, temperature correction , data collection interval, language (English, Spanish and French) , °C / °F selection , over temperature and low temperature limit.
  • Temperature control auto-tuning.
  • Circulation pump speed control.
  • 10 points automatic calibration.


  • Maximum working volume to maintain maximum temperature: 8 litres.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel top and lid with an inner tank of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Complete with a pump for internal and external liquid circulation with inlet and outlet connectors.
  • A cooling coil to maintain ambient temperatures using tap water is also provided.
  • A RS-232 interface for print out or computer control comes as standard.
  • A drain tap is also fitted.

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