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Electronic control with digital display adjustable temperature down to -25°C.
Capacity: 18 liters.
Dimensions (tank): 20 x 30 x 31cm.


  • Suitable for maintaining paraffin wax and waxes in a solid form for long periods of time, etc.


  • Temperature homogeneity: ±2 °C.
  • Precision of temperature controller: 1 °C.
  • External case made of epoxy covered metal with AISI 304 stainless steel tank and top.
  • An anti vibration hermetically sealed CFC free compressor is mounted in the base of the unit,
    supplied with ventilated evaporator, regulating valve and condenser.


  • Illuminated mains indicator switch.
  • Electronic controller for temperature with two digit digital display with a resolution of: ±1 digit.
  • PTC probe.

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